iObeya User Guide Meetings and Creative Sessions

Participating in a Meeting

Are you taking part in a meeting in iObeya? Here are some tips to help you participate actively with your team.

  1. Access the room or the boards in which your meeting is taking place.

  2. Participate in a meeting.

    Timed meeting

    As soon as the Timer starts counting down, you are notified that the meeting has begun. The time remaining in the meeting is indicated on the top right of the screen. During a timed meeting, you can still navigate around the room and the boards, as well as edit their contents.

    Guided meeting

    During a guided meeting, you do not have access to the tools and utilities in the room. You are notified once a guided meeting has started. You follow the meeting facilitator’s actions (zooming into a board, changing boards, highlighting elements with filters, opening a hyperlink, and previewing elements).


    At the bottom of the screen: name of the facilitator or of the user who currently has control of the meeting.

    The icon icon-15 on the top right of the screen indicates that you are taking part in a guided meeting.

    To request the control of the guided meeting, click Request control at the bottom of the screen.

    You can only request control of the guided meeting if your account has at least the Edit room boards permission.


    If your request is accepted, you are able to move freely around the room and its boards. All meeting participants follow your actions in real time.

    The original meeting facilitator can take back control at any time.

  3. Leave the meeting.


    Once the facilitator has stopped the Timer and Guided navigation, the meeting ends, and you are notified. You are now able to navigate freely around the room again, and interact with its elements.