iObeya User Guide Editing Board Content

Converting notes into cards

iObeya allows you to convert notes into different types of cards.

Save time and use this feature after a brainstorming session for example and easily convert your ideas into tasks or cards for your team’s backlog.


Only the title of your note is kept.

For Problem solving cards, titles over 50 caracters will be truncated.

For other card types, titles over 300 caracters will be truncated.


To convert a note into an Azure or a Jira card, refer to the corresponding add-on documentation.

  1. From your board, click the note you want to convert into a card.


    You can convert several notes at the same time using the Multiple selection.

  2. From the contextual menu, click Change type.

  3. Click Convert to card.

  4. Select a card type:

    • standard card,
    • activity card,
    • problem solving card,
    • story card,
    • feature card,
    • QCD card.

Your note is converted into a card and appears at the the same place in your board.


If you want to revert your card to its note stage, click icon-undo in the utility tab.