Jira Add-On Managing Jira Issues From iObeya

Managing Linked Issues

Jira cards to which a Jira issue is attached display a green tab ui-icon-jira-link-m.

Tickets linked in Jira are linked in iObeya. Click the link to view its type. You can only edit the shape of the links.

There are 3 link types: parent-child dependencies, subtasks and linked issues.


The parent-child hierarchy works only with the Epic section for Jira Data Center and Jira Server Software.

Parent-child dependencies and links between subtasks appear as light blue links in iObeya and links between linked issues appear as dark blue links.



The links go from to the issue at the bottom of the hierarchy to the one on top (e.g child to parent).

You can manage your linked issues in iObeya from the green tab ui-icon-jira-link-m or from the card editor.


You cannot delete a subtask from iObeya.

You cannot delete the parent of a subtask.

From the green tab ui-icon-jira-link-m, you can:

  1. Select all your linked issues to add them to your board.
  2. Add a new linked issue.
  3. Edit your linked issues.
  4. Delete linked issues.
  5. Add the selected linked issues to your board.


Personnalised links, even the one named “parent of”, “child of”, etc, will not appear in the parent-child section of the linked issues, as they are not considered parent-child dependencies by Jira. They appear in the Issue links section.

From the card editor, you can:

  1. See the issues linked to your card.
  2. Delete linked issues.
  3. Add a new linked issue.

Importing linked issues

iObeya allows you to import several types of linked issues:

  • parent-child dependencies,
  • subtasks,
  • linked issues.

To import issues linked to a card:

  1. Click the green tab ui-icon-jira-link-m.

  2. Select issues.

  3. Click Add to board.