DCM Add-on

1. Introduction

The Daily Capacity Management (DCM) main purpose is to optimize the work capacity of the members of the team. The Visual Planning associated enhances the collaboration inside the team.

The Daily Capacity Management (DCM) add-on allows you to visually plan and steer your daily activities in a collaborative manner and with a high level of detail (15 minutes granularity).

In other words, DCM helps you manage the time (or the capacity) of a given resource, no matter if this is a person or a piece of equipment.

This capacity can be filled with standard tasks from a customizable catalogue or with a bulk import from an external software, such as a scheduler.

During the execution, operators in the field will update task statuses on an ongoing basis and give a visual outlook of execution progress to any iObeya user, in an ATAWAD (Any Time, Anywhere, Any Device) manner.

In case of deviation, a quick fix can be prompted and a corrective action can be created in a related QCD letter.

A KPI dashboard displays adherence to schedule as well as other indicators.

The DCM add-on can be used for any other form of visual task management including office activities.

Currently, the most common use cases are:

  1. Manufacturing scheduling with a collaborative progress monitoring
  2. Quick changeover planning and execution
  3. Lab daily task management