iObeya User Guide Interaction Modes and Utilities

Viewing Rooms in a Slideshow

  1. Open the icon-22 tab on the left of your screen.

  2. Click Slideshow additional-info-the-iobeya-utilities_4.

    This utility is available in room view and while viewing a board. The utility may be hidden in the ••• icon if many utilities are activated in your room.

  3. Click Configure.

    The Slideshow configurator displays.

  4. Click Select boards manually, then select the boards to display in the slideshow.

    If you do not manually select boards for the slideshow, all of them are displayed by default.

  5. Set the display time.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Click Slideshow additional-info-the-iobeya-utilities_4, then click Launch.

    The selected boards are displayed in sequence for the defined time interval.


    Automatic slideshow

    The slideshow can launch automatically after a pre-defined period of inactivity, if you choose to configure it that way. You are notified prior to the automatic launch of the slideshow; you have the option to disable it for your current working session, or disable the automatic launch altogether. If you are a Room Administrator, you are able to configure the slideshow through the utility’s own settings, or in the room settings icon-5 on the top-left of your screen.

  8. Click Slideshow additional-info-the-iobeya-utilities_4, then click Get direct URL, copy the hyperlink, then send it to the people with whom you wish to share the slideshow.


    You should only send the slideshow’s link to users that have access to the room.

    Interact with the slideshow

    After the slideshow has been launched, you are able to manually control the presentation by changing to the previous or next board, or by pausing the slideshow icon-11.

    You can also:

    • Display the slideshow in full-screen mode icon-12.
    • Access the board to modify it.
    • End the slideshow icon-13.

    The iObeya slideshow could end up consuming a significant amount of electricity if it is left on permanently. You should consider configuring a sleep timer on your screen that is appropriate for your use case.