iObeya User Guide Interaction Modes and Utilities

Finding Visual Information

  1. Open a board.

  2. Click icon-22 on the left of your screen.

  3. Click additional-info-the-iobeya-utilities_3 in the utilities toolbar.

    The Filter pane displays.

  4. Select criteria:

    • Type of content.

    • Date the content was last modified.

    • Text (or part of the text) of the content.

      The elements are highlighted on your board based on the criteria selected.

    The Members criteria of the Team tool are shared with that of team members assigned to cards. You can continue to use your board normally, even when the filter is activated.

  5. To edit your criteria, select new criteria directly, or use the reset feature from the filter configuration window.

    Selection criteria


    1 – Select the elements above

    2 – Invert the selection

    3 – Select all

  6. To activate or deactivate the filter, click the toggle toggle or double-click additional-info-the-iobeya-utilities_3.

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