iObeya User Guide Additional Information

Use iObeya from Microsoft Teams

With millions of daily users, Microsoft Teams is often positioned as the all-in-one application for team communication and collaboration in large organizations. The iObeya app available on the Microsoft Teams marketplace allows you to access your rooms and boards from your Teams channels. Users will spend less time switching between apps and searching for the information relevant for their work. They will now have a centralized location that enables them to participate in more productive meetings and better collaborate.

Because of our licensing model based on iObeya rooms and not users, deploying the iObeya app for Microsoft Teams does not require purchasing additional licenses.


Download iObeya for Microsoft Teams here.

To add iObeya to your Team’s tabs:

  1. From your Teams tab, select the team where you need to add an iObeya board.

  2. Click +.

  3. From the Add a tab screen, click iObeya.


    If you cannot find iObeya in the application list, ask your Microsoft Teams administrator to authorize iObeya in the Microsoft Teams store.

    Find the information necessary for your Microsoft Teams administrator here.

  4. Fill in:

    • Tab name,
    • Room, board URL: use your iObeya board URL.
  5. Click Save.

You can now use your iObeya room and/or board from Microsoft Teams!