Jira Add-On

Supported Fields

For a field to be available in the card configuration, it has to be added to the “Create issue” screen in Jira.

Check Atlassian documentation for more information.

Supported System Default Fields

Field Name Jira Cards Free Table / Row on Sprint Table
Actual end Read-Only No
Actual start Read-Only No
Affects versions Read Only Yes
Approvers N/A No
Assignee Edit Yes
Attachment Read-Only (file name) No
Category N/A No
Change completion date Read-Only No
Change reason Edit Yes
Change risk Edit Yes
Change start date Read-Only No
Change type Edit Yes
Comment N/A No
Compass N/A N/A
Components Read-Only Yes
Description Edit No
Development N/A No
Due date Edit No
Environment Edit No
Epic Color N/A No
Epic Link (*) Read-Only for Jira DC (now parent link under “Issue Links”) No
Epic Name (only for Epics) Edit No
Epic Status N/A Yes
Fix versions Read-Only Yes
Flagged Read-Only Yes
Impact Edit Yes
Issue color N/A No
Issue Type Read-Only No
Labels Read-Only No
Linked Issues Read-Only No
Location N/A No
Log Work N/A No
Organizations N/A No
Parent Link (*) Read-only (now parent link under “Issue Links”) No
Priority Edit Yes
Project Read-Only No
Rank N/A No
Reporter Edit Yes
Request Type N/A No
Request language N/A No
Request participants N/A No
Resolution Read-Only Yes
Restrict to N/A No
Satisfaction N/A No
Satisfaction date N/A No
Security Level N/A No
Sprint Read-Only No
Start date Edit No
Status Edit No
Story Points Edit No
Story point estimate N/A No
Summary Edit No
Target end N/A No
Target start N/A No
Time Tracking Read-Only No
Team Read-Only No
[CHART] Date of First Response N/A No
[CHART] Time in Status N/A No
uuid N/A No

Supported Custom Fields

Field type Jira Cards Free Table / Row on Sprint Table
Checkboxes Read-Only Yes
Date Picker Edit No
Date Time Picker Read-Only No
Labels Read-Only No
Number Field Edit No
Paragraph Edit No
Radio Buttons Read-Only Yes
Select list (cascading) Read-Only Yes
Select List (multiple choices) Read-Only Yes
Select List (single choice) Edit Yes
Short text Edit No
URL Field Edit (NOT clickable) No
User Picker Read-Only No