iObeya User Guide Configuring Your Room

Sharing a Board With Another Room

  1. Enter your room, then click Configure the room at the bottom right of the screen.

    The Room configuration panel displays.

  2. Click a board, then click Share this board.

  3. Click Share with an Administrator, then enter the name of a user with Room Administrator rights.

    Complete one or several fields, then click the magnifying glass to find the user.

  4. Select a user, grant read-only or read/write rights, then click Share.

    Repeat this step to add several recipients if required.


A board can be shared multiple times with a user, and this shared board can be used in multiple rooms.

The owner of a source board is the only one who can share the board.

You can verify the status of the board that you have already chosen to share by entering room-editing mode, clicking the board once to open its contextual menu, and selecting Share this board. From the new screen, you are able to see if the sharing proposal has been accepted, and which room it has been added to, or whether the proposal was refused.

Receiving the Shared Board

The selected Room Administrators receive a sharing notification when they sign into iObeya.

Your board is now shared with one or more Room Administrators. If the shared board is edited, the original board is also edited. You can also receive a board, in other words, be the recipient of board sharing.

Retrieving a Shared Board


In the Notification center, a message informs you that one or more boards have been shared with you.

  1. Go to the room to which you wish to add the shared board.

  2. Click Configure the room.

    The board is displayed in the Sharing proposals section of the dock.


You can use this shared board at any time by dragging and dropping it on to your wall, in the same way as with a blank board or a template.

If you need to use this board in several rooms, you need to ask the board owner to share it with you as many times as required.


You may need to configure the utilities in the room settings to use some tools of the shared board in the destination room.

Configuring a Shared Board

From the Room configuration you can only rename the shared board.


The DOCK and the parameters of a shared board can only be edited from the source board.

Brainstorming and voting session cannot be launched from the shared board.

Refusing the Sharing Proposal

  1. From the Room configuration, click the Sharing proposals folder.
  2. Click the shared board.
  3. Click Refuse.
  4. Click Delete.

Editing the Shared Board


You need read/write rights to edit a shared board. If not, you can only access the board in read-only mode.


Shared board in read-only mode.

To edit the shared board:

  1. From your room, access the shared board.
  2. Click Edit this shared board at the bottom of the screen.


All modifications made on a shared board are applied to the original board, and conversely.