iObeya User Guide Introduction


Digital Visual Management

iObeya successfully digitizes the traditional Oobeya (big room), providing a collaborative platform for your Visual Management, and is accessible from any computer, laptop or tablet device with a web browser.


In iObeya, rooms are virtual and contain boards that are dedicated to a given team or project. The contents of a room can be displayed in mural or mosaic view.


Rooms are composed of different sized boards, which help to organize and bring meaning to your visual elements. You may add content to your board from the dock, and manipulate this content using different interaction modes and utilities to find and highlight visual information.

Configuring the Room

As a Room Administrator, activating the room-editing mode allows you to add boards to the wall of your virtual room, as well as rearrange and personalize them further with your own background designs!

Clicking and Tapping

Designed and optimized for touch
You can enjoy the full iObeya experience by using it on a large interactive display or tablet.
Mouse and keyboard
iObeya can equally be used with your mouse and keyboard to benefit from its full feature set. A left-click on your mouse, or a tap on your touch display, have the same result. Do not hesitate to switch from one to the other, depending on your usage context.