iObeya User Guide Introduction

Roles in iObeya

The table below shows the different roles in iObeya and their tasks in iObeya.

Roles Tasks
Platform administrator Creates and deletes users and groups
Manages overall users permissions
Creates and deletes Domains
Manages platform announcements
Manages platform Help Links
Manages board backgrounds catalog
Manages platform tools (export/import rooms, settings, etc…)
Domain administrator Creates and deletes rooms in the domain
Archives rooms in the domain
Manages users permissions in the domain
Room administrator Creates and deletes boards in the managed room
Configures boards: creates and removes tools from the dock
Adds and removes users in the room
Sets permissions to users in the room
Locks boards
Room user Views boards
Uses board utilities
Modifies boards: create, update and delete elements
Room visitor Views boards
Compare to a room user, a room visitor has some limited uses of board utilities.