My Jira project will change, what are the impacts on iObeya?

It is possible that a Jira project will change its name, its key or its workflow. If it is used in iObeya, what are the impacts and how to manage them?

Warning: To avoid any problems, we recommend testing beforehand on a test project

1°) Change of key

Impact : The jira cards are considered archived and therefore no longer linked to the project.


Actions to be taken:

  • Reconfigure the Jira tool set in the docks
  • Do a mass import to recreate the cards.
  • Delete the cards with the old key


Related documentation :

2°) Change of workflow

  • Special case of the Kanban board :


Impact : The board being based on the workflow states, we do not benefit from the changes on the iObeya side (more or less states, name changes, etc)


Action to be taken : The board must be recreated in order to use the new workflow


Related documentation : Create a Kanban board


  • Other cases : For any other case, you just need to update the jira cards.

Related documentation :
Update jiras cards

3°) Change of name

If there is only a name change, the only impact will be in the name of the board, once entered in (top left).

Unfortunately, to correct this, the only possibility is to recreate the board.

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