Excel converts some values from my CSV export to date

Issue Symptoms
When you open a CSV file in Excel by double clicking on it, some of the values are replaced by dates.

Excel converts and interprets data formats according to the user's language. When it recognizes a value that resembles a date format of the language configured on the user's workstation, it automatically converts this value into a date, which makes the value unusable.


To get around this problem, you have to specify to Excel the format of the imported data during the import. A simple way to do this is as follows:

  1. Open your Excel application
  2. From Excel open your CSV file
  3. When opening the CSV file, an import configuration popup appears allowing you to specify the separator. After specifying the separator you can in the last screen specify the type of value that is in each of your columns. You just have to select your columns which are configured by default on standard and to specify that these columns are of type Text
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