Domains & Rooms limits after updating the license

Issue Symptoms
The limits do not seem to have changed since the license update.

If you have changed your license, you may encounter limits issues when it is updated .

For example:

If your old license allowed you to create 10 boards maximum per room, the users will not be able to add more than 10 boards after the update. Indeed, the limits of the rooms and the domains are not updated so they are still limited to a maximum of 10.


An administrator must change the limits of the domains and all the rooms accordingly to the new limits of the license.

Go on the administration. Click on "Domains". Click on of the concerned domain. Change the limits & Save.

Now, do the same in the room:

Click on "Domains". Click on the concerned domain. In the list of rooms, click on “Edit information” of the selected room. Change the maximum boards and Save.


If you require assistance to resolve the problem, please ask for support. (See Requesting Support)

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