I want to migrate my iObeya server

When preparing an upgrade for example, it can be interesting to replicate the production environment on the pre-production one.


Be careful to contact the support@iobeya.com team because the license will not be valid on the new server (with a different serverID).


A\ Replication of the Production on the Pre-production


On the production server:


  1. Stop the Tomcat service

  2. Dump the iObeya database

  3. Save the assets directory in a zip file

  4. Start the Tomcat service.


On the pre-production server:


  1. New installation of iObeya and addons, with exactly the same versions of the pre-requisites, iObeya and addons as the Production

  2. Stop the Tomcat service

  3. Copy the assets to the assets folder (emptied)

  4. Import the Dump on the new server.

  5. Start the Tomcat service

  6. Quickly test that everything works


In principle, you can find this detailed procedure in the Backup & Restore documentation


Now that you have a replication of your production server, I strongly recommend that you perform a snapshot of the server. 


B/ Upgrading iObeya

  1. Stop Tomcat

  2. Update the prerequisites (Java, Mysql, Tomcat) to meet the Techinical Requirements

  3. Packaging of the new version of the application 

  4. Upgrade of the database

  5. Upgrade of the webapp/ configuration files

  6. Start Tomcat

Setup and maintenance
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