I want to ask for an improvement, but I have no idea of how to?

We continually strive to offer a solution our customers love and enjoy using daily. Help shape the future of iObeya by providing any feedback and your great ideas by sending us the following information:

  • Why do you need this improvement? How would it be helpful in your work? Also please provide details of the improvement you imagine. We will also take into consideration its usefulness and applicability for other users to try and determine a solution that would address a maximum number of users' needs. The more details you provide, the better it is for our understanding: texts, mockups, screenshots.
  • What is the priority for you? It is important to understand whether this improvement is blocking your adoption of the solution, or whether an aspect of your methodology is being impeded. The number of users complaining may also be important too.
  • How to contact us? Send us the aforementioned information by email at support@iobeya.com. If we do not have enough information, we will reach out to you.
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