I think I found a bug in iObeya, can you help me?

The iObeya Support Team will do its best to find a solution. So we need as much information as possible to be as efficient as possible and make basic, initial checks:

  • If an error message occurs, copy it (in text format)
  • Take a screenshot of your entire iObeya page. Make as much readable as possible
  • The context is important:
    • If you remember, explain to us the different steps you went through before encountering the issue.
    • If a screenshot/video is relevant, send it. Please note that a global view is the best, not just a focus of the situation.

If possible, ask your iObeya platform administrator to:

  • Download the logs from the menu "Tools/Download logs" in the administration, send them by telling us approximately the date & hour the issue happened.
  • Download the system information of your server from the menu "Tools/System information" in the administration (the button is at the bottom of the page).


Finally contact the iObeya Support Team to provide the collected information and we will help you.

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