How does the Jira connector authentication work?

The Jira connector for iObeya uses the Jira REST API services to query and update data in your Jira instance. The connector uses OAuth as recommended by Atlassian when integrating with their product.


Depending on the version of Jira you use (e.g Cloud, Server, Data Center), here are the supported versions of OAuth that you can use when configuring the Jira connector:

  • Jira Cloud: OAuth 1.0
  • Jira Server: OAuth 1.0 & OAuth 2.0
  • Jira Data Center: OAuth 1.0 & OAuth 2.0
To use OAuth 2.0 you need iObeya 4.16 or any upper versions.

Beware, with the latest versions of Jira Data Center, OAuth 1.0 does not appear listed when creating a new application link in Jira. However, as explained the Jira DC documentation, select Atlassian Product to create an app link for iObeya using OAuth 1.0.

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