Are there any recommendations on how to manage users?

Here are some recommendations regarding Users/Group management. We actually manage our customers’ cloud platforms in this way:

For each domain, create a “domain-user” group and give the following permissions:

  • Can use
  • (Optionally) Publish as template

When you want to add a user set to a room:

  • case n°1 Local group => make a Bulk user import by selecting the group (which has the permissions for the domain). Just copy and paste the users in the CSV file and select the group.
  • case n°2 Entreprise directory group: add users to this group, let iObeya synchronize (or do it manually).
    In both cases, users are all added to the group, so have the “Can use” permission on the domain. The room administrator can therefore find them by searching from the room and adding them.

Limit: All room administrators have the ability to add users to their room.

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