[Oracle] The templates of email in french are badly displayed

Issue Symptoms:
After upgrading iObeya running on an Oracle database, the Email templates in French are not well formatted because of the accented characters.

This involves setting the environment variable NLS_LANG=FRENCH_FRANCE.UTF8 on the Windows operating system.

Where to set the NLS_LANG

This setting will be used for ALL Oracle homes.

Right-click the 'My Computer icon -> 'Properties' Select the 'Advanced Tab -> Click on 'Environment Variables' The 'User Variables list contains the settings for the specific OS user currently logged on and the 'System variables system-wide variables for all users. Create the system environment variable NLS_LANG and set its value to : FRENCH_FRANCE.UTF8

To have more details about this procedure, see the original page on http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/products/globalization/nls-lang-099431.html#_Toc110410543

Once this procedure is done, execute the following scripts.

Download refill-after-nlslang-issue.sql Open a terminal window. Go into the directory which contains the script. Execute sqlplus with the IOBEYA user, on the prompt type the IOBEYA password of the database. On the sqlplus prompt, execute the refill-after-nlslang-issue.sql script using the @ followed by the complete path to the script file.

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