Platform integration overview and capabilities

iObeya offers seamless integration capabilities with other systems, reducing the need for switching between apps, and eliminating the hassle to keep the information up-to-date. Whether you use iObeya cloud or on-premise, we offer solutions to create integration scenarios with your favorite apps.

What is an iObeya integration project?

In a digital world, integration projects are key success factors to enable better and faster decision making processes. An “iObeya integration project” is about information exchange between the iObeya platform and other systems or sources of information.


We identify 2 main use cases:

  • Content integrations: present business information as it is within the iObeya platform, such as displaying an Excel chart or a PowerBI report.
  • Data & process integrations: move data across systems to automate a process, or enable data sharing between systems.

What type of integration features and capabilities does iObeya offer?

Native iObeya connectors

Here are solutions built by iObeya, providing deep integration with popular solutions to support advanced use cases.

Third-party connectors

Here are solutions built by our partner with an expertise on external systems, providing deep integration to support advanced use cases.

Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

iPaaS platforms offer pre-built connectors and services allowing users to design, build, and deploy integrations between different systems and applications without the need for extensive coding or custom development.


At iObeya, we have chosen Microsoft Power Automate as our integration platform and have developed a connector that seamlessly integrates with hundreds of business applications.

If you want to give it a try, we've made a dedicated section on iPaaS integrations with Microsoft Power Automate.

API integrations

API integrations are designed and developed to meet specific use cases for our customers. These in-house integrations are typically developed and maintained by the customer or by an integration partner.


The iObeya platform provides a range of APIs, including the Facade API, the legacy APIs (Core & QCD), and support for data import/export via CSV files.


With our open APIs, you can create custom integrations that seamlessly connect iObeya with other systems, enabling you to automate workflows, streamline processes, and gain greater visibility into your business operations. 


Here are complete examples of successful integration projects realized by our clients and partners with the support of our Professional Services team. Do not hesitate to contact our integration experts at


Quick examples of possible integration 

To see more detail about these examples, please browse the articles page.