A standard methodology for performance management and continuous improvement. Some call it SQCDP (Security, Quality, Cost, Delivery, People), others +QDCI or +QDCIS or SQCDM. It is a fundamental building block of both Lean and Industry 4.0 systems.

Need an instant view of your overall performance?

Build your cockpit with our consolidation feature!

Performance management and continuous improvement are two fundamental and intertwined building blocks of any Lean and Industry 4.0 system.

Performance management allows you to steer your business. Continuous improvement makes it better, step by step.

Whatever your business, effective performance management and continuous improvement are vital to stay competitive in the long run.

QCD helps you achieve that through:

  • An operator-friendly interface with effortless data entry
  • Faster decision making with problem escalation and feedback loop
  • Overall performance outlook and drill down with indicator consolidation
  • Easy data integration with your IT systems via the API
  • Easy to deploy add-on with board and room templates