Board Preview

Gather pieces of various boards and visualize the big picture at your fingertips for a quick and accurate decision-making process.

Making decisions is not so easy when information is scattered across multiple places. The Board Preview allows to gather several pieces of information from different boards within another board, ideal to synthesize content into one single place.

The board preview is picture-in-picture of iObeya boards that allows you to build flexible dashboarding, information escalation, problem solving... essentially anything you can imagine!

You can now visualize any content of a source board into a recipient one. Any updates on the source board will be reflected in real-time on the board preview.

The main features are:

  • Selecting a screenshot of any iObeya boards that you have access to
  • Visualising board preview updated in real time when the source board is modified or updated
  • Displaying a timestamp informing when the source board was last modified
  • Cropping a board preview to focus on a desired area of the source board only